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In loving memory of Laura Kate Smither
1. Don't Wait
2. Call 911
3. Create a Missing Child Flyer
4. See the LRC Search Manual

Laura Kate Smither

Laura Kate Smither
April 3, 2014, marks the 17th anniversary of the abduction and murder of Laura Kate Smither. No one has been charged in her murder. Laura's brother, David, has prepared a nine day prayer series (a Novena) to seek the softening of Laura's killer's heart and that God's justice be accomplished for her. Please join us in this nine day prayer for justice for Laura. You can begin at any time - all prayers are available on this page. Please read the Introduction, then follow the prayer suggestions over a nine day period.

Pray Until Something Happens

Pray Until Something Happens

Occasionally the Smither family invites the public to join them on a mass novena prayer for Laura. This is usually only once a year, at the time of Laura's April 3rd abduction and murder anniversary date. If you would like to be on the E-mail list for these prayers with the Smither family, just send an e-mail addressed as:

To: J4L-R@smither.net

with a subject line as follows:

Subject: subscribe

If you subscribe to the mail list you will receive a daily message for the nine days of the Novena, starting with the Introduction. This is generally 9 days prior to the anniversary date of April 3 or beginning with the anniversary date. The Smither family is VERY grateful for your prayers at ANY time, and take this opportunity to thank you for remembering Laura in this way.

If you would like to pray the novena at any time, it is available below in PDF form for download.

Here is our original Invitational E-Mail from 2009.

Laura's priest, who helped us so much in 1997, forwarded our invitational e-mail with a heart felt cover letter.

Laura and David 1996Laura and David 1996

The novena prayer prepared by Laura's brother, David, is available below.

If you have a missing child: Don't wait – Call 911 NOW and do everything you can to cooperate with law enforcement!

You can create a missing child flyer by clicking the CREATE FLYER link above.

If you believe that a ground search is needed for your child, please call KlaasKids Search Center at 1-850-525-4807.

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