Laura's Priest's Message

Dear Friends,

In April of 1997 Bob, Gay, and David Smither, plus the members of Good Shepherd and the city of Friendswood were cast into a season of fear and desperation over the disappearance of Laura Smither. Seventeen days later our emotions turned to horror and sadness when when Laura's body was discovered. Every April brings back a flood of memories for the Smither family and many of us who were involved in the search and rescue operations.

Even with the passage of more than a decade, the sadness and the pain of loss still remain as scars in the hearts and minds of Laura's family and friends. In the face of pain, adversity, and things that cannot be controlled or overcome, God's people have always turned to prayer. And so it is now that I ask you to join Pat and me in prayer for Justice for Laura and for peace and closure for the Smither family. If you wish to participate in a more personal way with the family, I invite you to respond to Bob Smither's email below.

May Laura's soul and the souls of all the departed rest in peace.

Yours in Christ,


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