When Your Child is Missing

Dear Parent,

It is tremendously difficult when your child is still missing, the ground search concludes, and the public search center closes. At the conclusion of the public search, it becomes an ongoing challenge to keep the community focus on your missing child, and to keep your missing child before the media. What follows are some ideas about what your family and community can do to keep searching. Most of these ideas will be useful after an active search has concluded, but some can be incorporated into an active search as well.

You have probably tried everything conceivable to bring attention to the fact that your child is missing. We hope that the attached document will provide you with some new ideas or maybe a different way of renewing public awareness to help locate your child. We have compiled ideas from several different people and sources as well as provided some original thoughts in an attempt to give you new strategies. Our hope is that something you find here will revitalize your search, stimulate media attention, and ultimately bring your child home.

We hope that this information helps at this terrible time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family for the safe recovery of your child.

Working together we can accomplish miracles.


The Staff and Volunteers of the Laura Recovery Center

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